Building your Novel Bible (Part Four: Planning the Plot Arc Acts)

Okay, Pansters, go write your book & come back here when you’re finished so you can get your rough draft into the right structure.

Outliners, you probably already have these books, perhaps even the worksheets. But just in case…

My favorite book is:

Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

Tim Stout: Writer, Editor & Story Consultant Tim Stout has a great blog about Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet


But I also love everything Larry Brooks. Begin with Story Structure — Demystified.

Larry also has a great blog, StoryFix.

From my view, the biggest difference is Larry is a Thriller writer & doesn’t wax on about a character’s backstory: Writing Successful Fiction: When What You Don’t Know Trumps What You Do Know. But he gave a great Characterization Series blog.

Jami Gold has a great blog. She also has a wonderful way with Excel:


Story Arc Beat Sheets

Your Next Action: Plot your book

But if you have subplots or multiple VP characters, you might want to read the next post first.



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